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1. Official transcript of studies by Elias Gyftopoulos at the Athens Polytechnic, 1955.


2. In the late 1950’s two Greek Hospitals asked Elias' advice on Van de Graaff Units that they planned to add to their Radiotherapy department. This is the relative correspondence.

Elias Gyftopoulos submits to National Research Foundation lists of Greek scientists in US Universities.


4. In the early 1960’s the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was considering the creation of an International Technological Institute to be modeled after MIT and located in one of the NATO members’ principal cities. Study of the issue was entrusted to a group of experts under James R. Killian, then technical advisor to President Eisenhower and Chairman of the MIT Corporation. 
Greek Air Vice-Marshal C. Potamianos, speaking on behalf of King Paul and Queen Frederica, asked Elias to become involved and promote a Greek city as the new Institute’s location in conjunction with the establishment of the University of Patras, which was also being considered at the same time.
The folder contains correspondence between Elias and Potamianos and various related documents. It is evidenced that the effort was finally aborted because NATO countries disagreed on many issues, including the Institute’s location and format.
The University of Patras, on the other hand, did come into existence and was later to bestow upon Elias an honorary doctorate. This distinction would not have been possible if the University had been modeled after MIT, as Elias said, half jokingly, in his acceptance speech. 


5. Folder containing reports submitted by Elias Gyftopoulos to the Greek authorities on the organization of the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (1959) and the Democritus Laboratory (1962) together with related notes and correspondence.


6. Memorandum submitted to the Minister of Coordination in which Elias Gyftopoulos lists of a number of people to be considered for membership in the National Energy Council that was then about to be established, Summer of 1975.


7. Greek Government Gazette publication of the Law 84/1975 that established the National Energy Council.


8. Press Release issued by the Prime Minister's Office on October 7, 1975 after the Prime Minister himself had chaired the first meeting of the National Energy Council.


9. Press Release issued by the Prime Minister's Office on June 7, 1976 after Elias Gyftopoulos had reported on progress made on energy policy issues.


10. E.P. Gyftopoulos

      Speech delivered as Chairman of the National Energy Council at the Conference on “The Energy Problem of the Greek Economy Today” held at the Technical Chamber of Greece in Athens, 23-28 May 1987.


11. E.P. Gyftopoulos

      What my teachers tried to teach me.

      Honorary Doctorate acceptance speech delivered at the Athens Polytechnic cerimony on 23 October 1992.

Elias Gyftopoulos member in Board of Directors of the Constantine Caramanlis Foundation.


13. Material related to the ceremony at the University of Patras where Elias was bestowed with an honorary doctorate.


14. A clipping from the daily TO BHMA reporting on Elias Gyftopoulos being received at the Ministry of Development on August 8, 2006, to be honored by Ministers and some members of the old National Energy Council.


15.   Article published in the Athenian magazine ANTI on June 15, 2007.

16. Article published in the Athenian magazine ANTI on June 29, 2007.

      These two articles are based on an interview that Elias Gyftopoulos gave to Professor Costas Kribas, member of the Athens Academy, in Lincoln, MA on June 19, 1989. Kribas published them several years later in the athenian fortnightly magazine ANTI (no longer in circulation) in two consecutive issues on June 15 and 29, 2007. In the interview Elias Gyftopoulos relates his efforts in the late 1950's till the early 1960's to have MIT's Center of International Studies undertake a study for the Economic Development of Greece. Elias pursued this effort with diligence and passion before giving it up when the Greek Government failed to address a formal invitation to the MIT Center. Elias describes the roles played in connection with the project by several leading Greek personalities of the epoch including Queen Frederika, Constantine Karamanlis, Andreas Papandreou and others.

      Both articles appeared with the following:

Lead: The Efforts by Bostonian Greeks to Prepare a Study for Economic Reconstruction

Title: The Efforts in Vain

Subtitle: A discussion between Costas Kribas and Elias Gyftopoulos


17. Top-first-page article published in the Athenian daily ESTIA on July 25, 2007.

      This article pays tribute to Elias Gyftopoulos' personality and scientific contribution quoting relative references from Tech Talk.

      The first page article appeared with the following:

Title: Honorary Reference to Two Greeks

Subtitle: From a Spanish Champion and a Leading University

      The back page eulogy appeared as follows:

Lead: Those who depart.

Title: Elias P. Gyftopoulos

18. Interview submitted in 2007 to the local newspaper in Stemnitsa, the town from where the Gyftopoulos family hailed.

19. Article published in the Science Section of the Athenian daily paper EXPRESS on November 4, 2007.

      This article presents a dialogue between Elias Gyftopoulos and Raphael Moissis, past and at that time Chairmen of the Greek National Energy Council, in which the former explains to the latter the salient elements of the Gyftopoulos and Beretta approach to Thermodynamics.

      The article appeared with the following:

Lead: Raphael Moissis and Elias Gyftopoulos, both with MIT doctorates, deposit their arguements 

Title: Two Leading Greek Scientists Search the True Face of Thermodynamic


20. Elias Gyftopoulos' death was first reported in the Greek Press through this letter to the editor of the daily KATHIMERINI on June 27, 2012

      It starts with Elias' favorite quote from Einstein "Great spirits always found violent opposition from mediocrities" and continues with expression of love and admiration for Artemis and Elias. 

Title: Dedication to Elias Gyftopoulos 

Signed: Raphael Moissis


21. Letter to the Editor of the Athenian daily KATHIMERINI published on July 4, 2012.

      It contains a brief biography of Elias Gyftopoulos and ending with the phrase: "a true Greek, a great scientist, an important teacher".

Title: For Professor Elias P. Gyftopoulos

Signed: Vassilios John Klis


22. A biography published in the Athenian daily ETHNOS on September 4, 2012.

      This article refers to Elias Gyftopoulos' early life in Greece, his career and respect gained at MIT, and his contribution to Greek Energy Strategy.

Title: Elias Gyftopoulos. The Greek Who Wrote ...History at MIT

Signed: George Apostolides (Journalist)


23. Editor-journalist Antony Papagiannides' interview with Raphael Moissis published in the December 2012 issue of ECONOMIKI EPITHEORISI (Financial Review). 

      Elias Gyftopoulos' personality, his contribution to Greece, and his unique approach to the science of Thermodynamics are discussed. 

Lead: From Yesterday to Today, by Antony Papagiannides

Title: The Multisided Personality of Elias Gyftopoulos: From Post-War Greece to Thermodynamics

Subtitle: A deposition by Raphael Moissis 






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