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1. Various official documents and appointment letters in the career of Elias Gyftopoulos


2. E.P. Gyftopoulos

     Christianity and Hellenic Culture

     Lecture given in the Greek Cathedral in Boston, February (1965)


3. Resolution adopted upon the death of professor Joseph H. Keenan (1977)


4. Several congratulation letters to Elias Gyftopoulos for the election to the National Academy of Engineering (1981)


5. Several years of student evaluations of prof. Gyftopoulos teaching of MIT course 2.451J & 22.571J General Thermodynamics over the years (1975-1990)


6. A typical set of homework sets and exams of MIT course 2.451J & 22.571J General Thermodynamics taught by prof. Gyftopoulos, Fall Term (1990)


7. Quantum Thermodynamics class notes handwritten by Elias Gyftopoulos from MIT course 2.452J & 22.572J Quantum Thermodynamics taught by Gian Paolo Beretta, includes handouts and problem sets, Spring Term (1984)