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1. Dulchinos, Peter

      Analysis of cylindrical nuclear reactor reflected at all sides

      M.S. Thesis, E.E., 1957


2. Praznik, Anthony.

      The transient analysis of a power reactor

      M.S. Thesis, Chem.Eng., 1957


3. Smets, Henri B.

      Nuclear power plant transfer functions

      M.S. Thesis, Chem.Eng., 1957


4. Coble, Paul Maxwell.

      A digital nuclear reactor control system

      M.S. Thesis, E.E., 1958


5. Harper, Boyd E.

      Dynamic behavior of a fast nuclear reactor power system

      M.S. Thesis, Chem.Eng., 1958


6. Barandiarán Alcorta, Miguel Dámaso.

      Dynamics of counterflow heat exchangers

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1959


7. Carrier, Guy Thomas.

      Autocorrelation techniques applied to the M.I.T. reactor

      M.S. Thesis, E.E., 1959


8. Devooght, J. (Jacques)

      Nonlinear reactor dynamics

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1959


9. Johnson, Malcolm Charles.

      Voltage breakdown in a Van de Graaff accelerator tube

      M.S. Thesis, E.E., 1959


10. Mott, Donald Robert

      Measurement of particle currents in a high voltage vaccum breakdown

      B.S. Thesis, E.E., 1959


11. Hooper, Richard Jon.

      The measurement of reactor transfer functions by means of statistical correlations

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1960


12. Yusti, Hernan Ramirez.

      A digital analysis of a counter-flow heat exchanger

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1960


13. Balcomb, J. Douglas.

      A crosscorrelation method for measuring the impulse response of reactor systems

      Ph.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1961


14. Christensen, Helge

      Power-to-void transfer functions

      Ph.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1961


15. Impink, Albert J.

      An IBM-704 code for heat exchanger transient analysis

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1961


16. Levine, Jules David.

      Theoretical electron work functions of film coated metals

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1961


17. Miyazawa, Kiyoshi.

      Dynamics of fast reactors

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1961


18. Muscettola, Michele.

      Analysis of the automatic control of a pressurized water reactor

      M.S. Thesis, E.E., 1961


19. Becker, Martin.

      Oscillations in a cesium-filled thermionic converter

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1962


20. Kohler, Walter H.

      The effect of the reflector on reactor kinetics

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1962


21. Sawyer, Craig Delany

      An IBM-709 fortran code for counterflow heat exchanger transients

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1962


22. Thiess, Paul Eric

      The dynamics of solid fueled reactors by distributed parameter techniques

      M.S. Thesis, M.E., 1962


23. Wasserman, Arthur Allen.

      Contributions to two problems in space-independent, nuclear reactor dynamics: Calculation and measurement of the reactor describing function ; Analysis of the effect of a reflector on reactor dynamics

      Sc.D. Thesis, Chem.Eng., 1962


24. Barandiarán Alcorta, Miguel Dámaso.

      Contributions to nonlinear differential equations

      Ph.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1963


25. Levine, Jules David.

      Adsorption physics of metals partially coated by metallic films

      Ph.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1963


26. Wilkins, Daniel Raymond.

      A parametric study of thermionic nuclear reactors for space applications

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1963


27. Theodoridis, George Constantin

      Space charge neutralization in ion propulsion

      Sc.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1964


28. Witting, Harald Ludwig

      Ionization processes in a low energy cesium plasma


      Sc.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1964


29. Wade, David Clark

      Stability of nuclear reactors with randomly varying parameters.

      Sc.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1965


30. Essig, John Raymond

      Numerical approximations for (x,t)-dependent integral-transport equations

      Ph.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1966


31. Hooper, Richard Jon

      Test signals for a class of nonlinear system

      Sc.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1966


32. Kyong, Sang Hyon

      An input-output approach to optimal control problems

      Ph.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1966


33. Ribbeck Fantini, Carlos Siro

      Plasma stability by Lyapunov's methods

      Sc.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1966


34. Wilkins, Daniel Raymond

      Transport theory for low energy plasmas with applications to thermionic converters

      Sc.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1966


35. Foulke, Larry Ray

      A modal expansion technique for space-time reactor kinetics

      Ph.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1967


36. Steiner, D

      Orbital electronegativity and properties of pure and composite metal surfaces

      Ph.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1967


37. Bailey, Patrick Gage

      Measurements of reactor linear characteristics in the presence of nonlinearities

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1969


38. Doherty, Brian Joseph

      Design of a cobalt-60 fueled thermionic power supply

      Nucl.E. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1969


39. Green, Michael David

      Correlation of power excursion and core design characteristics of nuclear reactors

      Sc.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1969


40. Smith, Roderick Charles

      An algorithm for a computer controlled start-up of a marine nuclear reactor

      Nav.E. Thesis, N.A., 1970


41. Turnage, Joe Clayton

      A comparison of the calculation of xenon stability criteria

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1970


42. Watanabe, Akira

      An analysis of the modal synThesis, approximation in space-time reactor dynamics

      Ph.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1970


43. Tzanos, Constantine Panayiotis

      Optimization of material distributions in fast breeder reactors

      Sc.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1971


44. Ott, Andrew Anthony

      Simplified dynamics of a portion of the proposed nuclear rocket engine

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1972


45. Kalambokas, Panagiotis Constantinos

      Parameter identification in point-kinetic nuclear reactor models

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1974


46. Papazoglou, Ioannis Agamemnon

      Markovian analysis of reliability of nuclear reactor systems

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1974


47. Baghaii Anaraki, Mehran

      Effects of nuclear power generation on slow speed power system dynamics

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1977


48. Eghlima, Ali

      Criteria for selection of power reactors for a developing country

      Nucl.E. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1977


49. Malekzadeh, Reza

      Optimal allocation of nuclear power plants in Iran

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1977


50. Modarres, Mohammad

      A study of the possibility of high-level radioactive waste disposal in Iran

      Nucl.E. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1977


51. Papazoglou, Ioannis Agamemnon

      Markovian reliability analysis under uncertainty with an application on the shutdown system of the Clinch River Breeder Reactor

      Sc.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1978


52. Esser, Peter D.

      Design criteria for a medium-powered, dynamically converted radioisotopic power generator for terrestrial use

      B.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1978


53. Nikolaides, Stergios Demetrios

      Feasibility study for a combined electric - steam plant at M.I.T.

      M.S. Thesis, O.E., 1979


54. Guerra, Jesus V.

      Competitive ordering of energy sources for electricity generation : a dynamic analysis

      Sc.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1979


55. Hangst, Jeffrey Scott

      Ion optics of an electrostatic lens

      M.S. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1980


56. Beretta, Gian Paolo

      On the general equation of motion of quantum thermodynamics and the distinction between quantal and nonquantal uncertainties

      Sc.D. Thesis, Mech.Eng., 1981


57. Bazerghi, Hani Antoine

      Fuel effectiveness in the U.S. : The potential for savings

      Ph.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1982


58. Sharafi, Mohammad

      Energy planning for rural development : a case study of Iran

      Ph.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1983


59. Cavoulacos, Panos

      The impact of fiscal risk on the value of petroleum investments

      Ph.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1987


60. Khemira, Mohamed Mustapha

      A flexible software package for performing engineering design calculations

      M.S. Thesis, M.E., 1989


61. Rand, Thomas Wayne

      An analysis of the transient characteristics of a two-phase heat transfer system

      M.S. Thesis, M.E., 1990


62. Çubukçu, Erol

      Thermodynamics as a non-statistical theory

      Sc.D. Thesis, Nuc.Eng., 1993


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